Red Pop Open Pet Dog Kennel - Pop up 33 1/2" X 19" Pet Dog Pen
Red Pop Open Pet Dog Kennel - Pop up 33 1/2" X 19" Pet Dog Pen

Red Pop Open Pet Dog Kennel - Pop up 33 1/2" X 19" Pet Dog Pen

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These dog pens indoor or outdoor pet playpens are easy to fold up and take with you on trips or for storage. The portable dog pen with door won’t fly away since it has four strong stakes that allow you to securely stake the pet portable playpen into the ground. These dog pens outdoor or outdoor playpens are ideal for using almost anywhere, providing your pet with a play area just for them. These pet playpens for dogs are perfect for puppy play areas, you can personalize your pet outdoor pen by adding in blankets, chew toys, and treats! The light and breathable material creates a pet playpen for small dogs that has just the right amount of ventilation. Dimensions: 33.5" L X 19" W X 19" H.

  • EASY TO USE – This outdoor or indoor dog pen requires no complicated assembly. Easily pop up the pen in seconds with no tools needed. Convenient for general daily use, this dogs pen is suitable for various activities outdoors.
  • EASY TO STORE -These dog pens for small dogs require no assembly and they are easy to set up in only seconds. This space saving design means you can pack or store it anywhere when not in use.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN – The material of the pet outdoor playpen keeps your pet cool while letting them enjoy their surroundings. This outside dog pen lets air flow through the tent even on the hottest days.
  • LARGE SIZE – This conveniently spacious collapsible dog pen allows pets for many sizes to fit inside. This tent measures 33.5" L X 19" W X 19" H.
  • PORTABLE - With it’s light design, it’s easy to fold up and carry these pet exercise pens for dogs with you anywhere you go. You can take this portable pet pen with you so your pet can go with you wherever you go.