Heavy Duty 12 Pair Shoes Organizer Under Bed Shoe Storage - Beige
Heavy Duty 12 Pair Shoes Organizer Under Bed Shoe Storage - Beige

Heavy Duty 12 Pair Shoes Organizer Under Bed Shoe Storage - Beige

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Having shoes scattered around your room or home can look messy and might eventually cause damage to the shoes. Apart from creating a mess, shoes can be exposed to dirt making them harder to clean. This underbed shoe storage organizer is the perfect solution. This under bed shoe organizer helps you arrange your shoes neatly in one place to keep them looking clean and ready to put on at any time. You'll feel great about keeping your shoes new-looking for years in this shoe underbed storage organizer. So if you don’t have enough floor space to purchase a shoe rack, this organizer shoes storage container is an excellent choice. It is sleek and compact for tight spaces, just slide the 12 pair shoe organizer under your bed, then pull it out to get your shoes when you need them. This large shoe organizer is also made of a breathable mesh to keep mold and mildew from damaging your shoes. You can fit as many as 12 pairs in this shoe slots organizer that just takes seconds to assemble. If you are looking for shoe organizers and storage, this breathable mesh shoe organizer is perfect for you. This shoe storage under bed also has a clear vinyl window for extra protection while still allowing you to easily view the contents. It prevents damage to your shoes, keeps your room organized, and collapses easily when not in use. The 12 shoe organizer also has a double zipper and 2 durable handles to help you carry it if needed, open and close from any angle, and store easily. Great for storing 12 pairs of both men's or woman's shoes, this easy shoes organizer keeps shoes out of sight. They measure 23 ½’’ x 27 ½’’ x 6’’. Easily organize shoes and even other household items with this under the bed shoe organizer.

  • SAVES SPACE – When you have a small space or just lots of shoes and nowhere to put them, this organizer for shoes will keep your room perfectly organized, and keep your shoes safe from moisture and dust.
  • EASY TO SET UP OR COLLAPSE – When you get your floor shoe organizer, all you have to do is unfold it and place it where you want in no time. If you don’t have any shoes to store, just fold up the compact shoe organizer and put it anywhere you like.
  • NO DUST, MOLD, OR MILDEW – Don’t worry about dusting your shoes off after not having worn them for a while. This fabric shoe organizer blocks out any moisture or dust from getting to them.
  • PORTABLE – Going on a trip? It also works as a portable shoe organizer thanks to the top cover and handles making it easy to carry. Bring your shoes with you on a road trip or on the plane without just throwing them into your suitcase.
  • MULTI PURPOSE – Store more than just shoes with this handy organizer. You can keep beauty products, cleaning supplies, craft supplies, and much more in these organized compartments.