24 Pack Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth No Scratch Rag Car Polishing Detailing
24 Pack Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth No Scratch Rag Car Polishing Detailing

24 Pack Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth No Scratch Rag Car Polishing Detailing

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This car microfiber towel is efficient and reusable. You can not only use one to clean your car or household surfaces.  These microfiber towels for cars are an essential tool in maintaining your car’s appearance. It is a perfect microfiber drying towel that achieves beautiful results on paint, plastic, chrome, and glass. The plush car microfiber cloth absorbs much more than regular towels so you can dry effectively with fewer strokes. The microfiber wash towel provides the quickest and easiest way to effectively dry surfaces or wipe away cleaning products. 

Each microfiber cleaning cloth can be used for a number of cleaning tasks. These rags microfiber cloths are great to keep in the garage or broom closet to keep handy for all of your cleaning needs. This soft large microfiber towel is highly absorbent and traps dirt, dust, and other particles in just one swipe.  These auto microfiber towels also minimize lint, streaks, and scratches. The soft microfiber material of these microfiber car towels doesn’t require any cleaning products to effectively clean. Unlike paper towels or disposable cleaning rags, these rag microfiber cleaning cloths are machine washable and can be reused over and over without losing absorbency.

  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – Don’t keep buying paper towels for cleaning. These car towels microfiber rags are reusable so you can keep cleaning with them again and again without creating unnecessary waste.
  • DURABILITY – Each streak free microfiber cloth has the ability to go through hundreds of cleanings while getting softer every time. This microfiber washcloth will become an essential household cleaning item in your home.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – This towel microfiber cloth is multi-purpose and perfect to clean counters, windows, cars, microwave, mirrors, tables, and more. These microfiber drying towels can even be used to efficiently dry dishes.
  • HIGH QUALITY - This cleaning rags microfiber set is high quality and provides a streak-free, lint-free result. These rag microfiber towels can be used hundreds of times without falling apart or losing quality.
  • QUICK DRYING & ABSORBENT – This absorbent car microfiber cloth can absorb moisture, trap dirt more effectively than just a regular rag or paper towel. These premium microfiber towels are unmatched in their ability to dust, clean and polish while being able to be used over and over again.